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Empowering Brilliant Neurodivergent Talent Everywhere

Our Mission:

Building a community for brilliant people like you

Friendly processes and tools that work for you

Our service is built around a custom-designed social forum specifically for the Neurodivergent community and our allies. It’s a safe, welcoming space to connect with like-minded people, access key resources, and to be part of the change we all want to see.

Our latest updates

Brilliant Minds launches #workthatworks campaign

November 7, 2021|

Today Brilliant Minds is proud to announce the launch of our #workthatworks campaign; calling on employers to help talented Neurodiverse employees find meaningful work that works for them. What is #workthatworks? [...]

World Autism Awareness Week 2021

March 31, 2021|

This week marks the World Autism Awareness Week 2021, where people, organisations and governments around the world work to talk about and better understand Autism. Events have been held [...]

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