We believe in the world of Neurodiversity, “One size doesn’t fit all”. We aim to provide a tailored service to everybody we work with to find employment; for some people, that means nothing more than pointing out the opportunities that may fit them best. For others, it means making use of any number of the rich services and pathways Brilliant Minds makes available.

Neurodiverse jobseekers have the opportunity to make use of some incredible services with Brilliant Minds, including the following:

Prepare for Work

Employability Support

Get ready for the world of work

Our team and partners work with Neurodiverse people to prepare for the world of work – with training and coaching packages which are tailored specifically for you. Whether you’re trying to find your first job, or getting back into the world of work, we’re there to make sure there are no nasty surprises along the way.

Technical Training

With the Brilliant Minds Academy

We know it’s important to be “match-fit” for work, especially in demanding technical roles. Our service can help provide training opportunities and connections geared towards updating and improving your technical capabilities – in a setting that’s geared towards Neurodiversity and personalised learning approaches.

Soft Skill Training

Build confidence in your readiness

Our training academy and employability partners are there to help you prepare for the world of work with whatever soft skills you may need to master – from IT to communications and presentation, we tailor the training and guidance you receive to your own particular needs.

Find Work

Career Guidance

Supporting your goals

We believe that everybody deserves to have the chance to pursue the career and job they dream of. We also know it can be hard to see the best route to get there; especially while also looking for opportunities best suited to Neurodiverse people. We work with people out of work or currently working to understand where they want to go with their careers, and plan out the best way of getting there.

Job Search

Find your next passion

Finding the right role for you can be like trying to find your own personal needle in a sea of haystacks. At Brilliant Minds, we collect and curate a list of opportunities and roles which we believe are ideal for Neurodiverse people, as well as help you find opportunities through other platforms and services that meet your own criteria and requirements.

Job Coaching

Coaching and Interventions

We believe helping people find meaningful employment means going beyond “nailing the interview”. We work with Neurodiverse employees in all kinds of roles to coach on the best way to approach challenges at work, and help intervene with employers where you need some extra support, recognition, or voice.

Thrive at Work

Freelance Benefits

Take the risk out of freelancing

We help provide services and access to partner organisations which “fill in the gaps” for those wanting to explore the world of freelancing – from Legal support to “virtual HR”, you can finally experience the freedom to be flexible.

Legal Support

Fighting your corner

As a Neurodiverse person, navigating the world of employment can sometimes be challenging enough – let alone with legal issues thrown on top. Our team and partners work to help ensure every Neurodiverse person we work with has the legal support and resource they need to succeed.

Help and Assistance

You're not alone

Our Digital Assistant and Helpline service will give you a “single route in”, no matter what’s on your mind. If you’re not sure what to do next, or where to turn to find help, our team are there to guide you – on your terms, at your speed.

Employment Pathways

We work with talented Neurodiverse people to find meaningful employment in a variety of places, settings and companies. As not everyone wants or is able to work in the same way, we identify opportunities across the following “Pathways” for employment:

If you identify as neurodiverse, and you’re looking for work,
get in touch today to find out what we can do to help you begin your journey.

If you identify as neurodiverse, and you’re looking for work,
get in touch today to find out what we can do to help you begin your journey.

If you identify as neurodiverse, and you’re looking for work, get in touch today
to find out what we can do to help you begin your journey.