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Jobseeker FAQs2021-04-04T19:32:21+01:00

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How much does Brilliant Minds cost?2021-03-31T15:19:20+01:00

Nothing. We work with an amazing group of employers and partners that help us find ways to support Neurodiverse people in finding work without having to charge them for the help. We keep our business running by working with employers, Open Talent platforms and other partners to cover our costs through building a bigger and more powerful community of jobseekers, which benefits everyone.

I’m not ready for work, and I don’t want to rush into it2021-03-31T12:09:19+01:00

That’s okay. Our service isn’t about “getting as many people through the door as possible” – we believe in simply providing the opportunities and support that Neurodiverse people might need to feel comfortable and ready for getting back to work. We’ll never pressure you to rush into a role or move out of your comfort-zone, and you can take as long as you want to prepare yourself for being ready to begin that journey.

Do I have to tell my employer I am Neurodiverse?2021-03-31T12:07:31+01:00

No, not if you don’t want to. Some people choose to openly discuss their Neurodiversity at work, and others choose to keep it private. Everyone is different, and we’ll work with you to understand what may work best for you. If you’re finding work through Brilliant Minds, we can directly work with potential employers to help guide the process, or can work with you to ensure your Neurodiversity stays private – it’s all part of our tailored service to help every Neurodiverse person in the way that works best for them.

What if I already have a job?2021-03-31T12:05:23+01:00

We work with brilliant Neurodiverse minds whether you’re employed or not. If you already have a job, many of our services may still be able to help you make the most of your employment or shine to your fullest potential. Check out our services page to find out more about what we do and offer.

Can you help me tell if I’m Neurodiverse?2021-03-31T12:03:34+01:00

We’ve found many of our visitors may read parts of our website and think “That sounds really familiar – am I Neurodiverse?”. Brilliant Minds isn’t here to help you diagnose a Neurodiverse condition, but we are there to help find meaningful employment for anyone who identifies as Neurodiverse, anyone who thinks they might be Neurodiverse, or anyone who has been diagnosed as Neurodiverse. We don’t require you to have a formal diagnosis – simply personally identifying as Neurodiverse is enough for us.

If you think you might be Neurodiverse, and want to get a professional opinion or a formal diagnosis, it’s best to talk to your GP or or the NHS 111 phone service – both of which can help refer you to the right teams to provide expert guidance.

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