Brilliant Minds launches #workthatworks campaign

Published November 7, 2021

Today Brilliant Minds is proud to announce the launch of our #workthatworks campaign; calling on employers to help talented Neurodiverse employees find meaningful work that works for them.

What is #workthatworks?

#workthatworks is a movement that believes the modern workplace should adapt to accommodate employees regardless of how they look, sound, think, or interact with the world. It’s a call to action to change what is traditionally a responsibility put entirely on the shoulders of those looking for work.

For too long, Neurodivergent people have been told that to get ahead at work they must change who they are to “fit in”. Even when employers show a strong appetite for being more Neurodiverse in the workplace, it usually leads to individuals being pushed towards damaging behaviours like “masking”, working in uncomfortable ways with increased stress levels, and worse.

We believe there’s a better way. We believe that for employers to provide work that is truly accommodating, fair and equitable for Neurodivergent people, it must adapt to meet the needs of the employee, and not expect the opposite instead. That means creating work environments that allow employees to work in the location, manner and mode that best suits them, instead of training people to “fit in” to a trendy workplace pattern. That means being open to modern ways of working, like Open Talent and flexi-working. Most of all, it means listening to and understanding Neurodivergent employees and their needs, and understanding that Neurodivergence is a facet of who someone is, not something to be “cured” or “trained out”.

What will we be doing?

Over the next few months, you’ll see much about how Brilliant Minds is working with some of our amazing partners to shape and scope work opportunities that genuinely provide #workthatworks for Neurodivergent people. We’ll be working hard with employers to create the right kinds of roles and opportunities, and amplifying the amazing work being done by some of our employability service partners to help cater for whatever specific needs Neurodivergent people may have in the workplace. We’ll also be sharing plenty of examples of where businesses are doing great already, to help share and celebrate these successes – so check back often, as you never know who we might be spotlighting next!

What can you do?

We’re all in this together. If you want to see the world of work become more open, fair and equitable to Neurodiversity, talk to your employer about what they’re doing to accommodate Neurodiverse-friendly roles and ways of working. You could look to set up a Neurodiversity steering group at work, or even just raise the topic with your friends and colleagues. Whatever you do, the more we get people talking about the topic of #workthatworks, the more employers all over the world will see it’s time to change and build amazing opportunities for the workforce of the future.

And of course, if you want to learn more, explore our site and find out what we’re about, and follow us on social media – or use the links above to get in touch and talk to a member of the team today!